With you
With you, although I am poor, I feel like a king
With you
With you, though I have nothing, I feel I have everything

But without you my dreams will soon fade away
I’d be here crying day after day, oh
Promise me you’ll never, never, never
Never leave me

Oh, when I’m with you
With you, oh life means everything to me
With you
With you, just like a child, I’m happy as I can be

But without you I’m lost like a child left alone
Crying for its mother and wishing she was home
I know, I know, I know, I know
I know you’ll never, never, never leave me

Oh, you are my love
For your wonderful, wonderful, wonderful love, I live
You are my life
For your wonderful love my life I’d gladly give

For only when I’m with you
With you, oh do I, do I, do I feel the way that I do
With you
With you, I found, I found, I found, I found the love that’s always true

But without you I’m lost, so you find my way
I’d be here crying day after day, oh
Promise, promise, promise me you’ll never
Never leave me

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