(Ludacris (T.I.))
(Here we go!)
Surprise nigga
It was bound to happen sooner or later
(They ain’t ready for this)
History has been made
ATL, yeah

'Cause I got it
All these haters wanna grill me
(But fuck that I’m about my money if it kills me)
(Yeah baby)
(And I’m up to no good)
Hey I wish a motherfucker would

This the a-town, come into my hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would
Houston, Dallas come into they hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would

I keep a fresh pair of one’s on my feet
And double deuces on the Chevy
3's company the double 4's on my belly
5 hot amps speakers shake like jelly
So many wires in my trunk look like a bowl of spaghetti
Assault and batteries, but my trunk stay “ever ready”
Assault and battery if you scared you never ready
And yeah I went green, and 26's on the hybrid
Smoked so much green that I can’t open up my eyelids
Wake up in London, go to sleep on Atlanta time
Still my paint got more candy then your valentine
For 5 mill I bought a lake front crib
Bentley car cover looking like a laced front wig
Of course they hating 'cause they still riding the martor train
Re-name the yacht but put the plane in my daughters name
Now that’s karma so call me daddy war bucks
If you got money, I got more bucks

New york and jersey come into they hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would
L.a. and the bay come into they hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would

I’m a freak like a scorpio
Custom hood scoops make the coupe look like pinocchio
I’m rich bitch, I should drop cash
The inside of the lac' look like a wood shop class
And these women gimme “love” like it’s tennis time
So many shoes that my closet look like finish line
So many acres that my crib look like Bermuda
So many diamonds the safe look like Kay jewelers
That spider about to drop my team said Luda get it
Now 50 thou says that I’m the first nigga with it
First round draft pick, later for you imbeciles
The car is all black like it got traded to the timberwolves
And I keep a little bit of that green up in the lining
But as the weather change my weed adjust to different climates (ok)
Green in the summer time, orange in the spring
Now it’s black with that purp I call my whip the “sac king”

Chi-town and Detroit, come into they hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would
D.c and b-more, come into they hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would

I’m fly enough to fly away
Trouble I don’t shy away
From it I annihilate suckers in they driveway
In church on Sunday morning praying about what happened Friday
But them the consequences for coming at pimping sideways
Now a days guess it pays to change
In cahoots with corporations making major change
With magnificent watches and amazing chains
Plush pad in Atlanta and l.a.'s the same
I’m balling till I’m bored with selections and assortments
Of automotives worth a small fortune
Of course it’s the '72 Chevelle hardtop, '69 drop
60 carat piece you can barely pay your lease
Dude wanna talk new school tell him go ahead
Drop head double r-Maybachs and corner sales
Swag got the ass, stack cash to the hair line
Fuck another car it’s time to try an buy a airline

Miami to Alabama, come into they hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would
Philly and Boston, come into they hood
Hey I wish a motherfucker would
St. Louis to Tennessee, come into they hood
Phoenix to v.a, come into they hood
Ohio and Indiana, come into they hood
Mississippi to Carolinas, come into they hood
And little rock, come into they hood
Oklahoma to Louisiana, come into they hood
Kansas city to Seattle, come into they hood
Minneapolis to Milwaukee, come into they hood

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