Folks, come gather 'round my stand
And hear Satchmo’s half a Dixie band
Now I know some people call it corny
But right here is where the blues was born

Hear that music blew just to think that you
Lightning struck you on the floor
Let the slide trombone and trumpet moan
As you’re coming through the door

I’ll guarantee that you’ll never see
Like the likes of them again
Stomp your feet to the beat
Of the Dixie music men

Everybody move and get right in the groove
There ain’t nothing you can lose
Now right here’s the spot where we all get hot
With a nasty mess of blues

Here’s the place to slap and spank the bass
Music, that’s what I mean
Just where blues was born, in New Orleans

Let me introduce Mister Charlie Beale
Piano man Kenny Spiel
Only got two hands but that’s a-plenty
'Cause when he plays it sounds like twenty

Here’s Kid Ory on the horn
Baby slide man ever born
Plays trombone smears with a laughing note
No human being ever wrote

Yes Barney Bigard’s and his clarinet
You ain’t never heard nothing like him yet
When he cuts loose, I know you’re raw
Mister Bigard please give a blow

Yes Bud Scott and his old guitar
On the way smoking a big cigar
The rhythm man of great renown
Give a listen while he goes to town

Red Callender, meet him face to face
He’s the man that slaps the old bass
He started out with a violin
The doggone thing grew up on him

And here’s me, excuse my crus
Introduce myself, I must
I’m Satchmo Armstrong, don’t forget
I got to give out on the ole' cornet