It used to be right that you love me
You said so and I thought so too
We’d talk maturely bout old puppy love
Comparing the old with the new

If it so right we love each other
Then why you rather be gone
You seem to take pride in deceiving
But when did right become wrong?
When did right become wrong?

Norman Hamlet
And Roy Nichols

You made a good talk about romance
You said. “You just know it when it’s real”
You sealed your orations with kisses of fire
Oh, darlin' weren’t they really real

If it’s so right that I hold you
Then why have I not in so long
For you know I can’t even touch you
And when did right become wrong?
When did right become wrong?

Thank you so much
One of the greatest songwriters of our time
Mr Tommy Collins wrote that song especially for us
Right now we’d like to invite the rest of our show out on the bandstand
A young lady that sings harmony with us on all of our records
And she has many fine records of her own
We’re gonna have her do some of those records
And we’re gonna do that right now if you’ll all get together and welcome
Miss Bonnie Owens out on the bandstand

Thank you Merle

You got your fightin' side colors on hadn’t you
Just give her a hand there for her fightin' side colors, my goodness