I know they hating on me right now
If I was you I’d hate me too
I know they saying I should calm down
Please, don’t tell me what to do
'Cause I do whatever I want
I do whatever I want, yeah
I do whatever I want
I do whatever I want

Yo, how I feel to have a boss and everything you ever did, you only did it 'cause they told you to
I wake up in the morning, I do anything I wanna do, now that’s what you supposed to do
Travel the country, get this money
Sip this liquor, fuck these bitches
Everything you ever hoped to do
I only kick it with a couple niggas
I ain’t fucking with you if you lying 'cause I know the truth

Remember whenever you making that money
Don’t ever let that money make you
Cause your new friends gon' hate too
Let’s watch here with the same crew
Same dudes, we came through
Same table, same models
We used to have to have to buy them but now they bringing the safe bottle
I’m too faded, I’m too famous, my crew banging, we Wu-Tanging, I’m 2 Chaining, my shoes painted, my boo hanging
Got two thangs that I fuck with
They boobs fake and they body perfect
Don’t ask me for no pictures, nigga, can’t you see that I’m working?

I’m doing what the fuck I want
Excuse me if I’m showing off
I did allow to make it happen
You can’t tell me nothing, bitch, I know it all
I’m doing what the fuck I want
A young nigga finally got it popping
I did allow to make it happen
'Cause I ain’t never had no other option

I been putting in work and I put any first, no one telling me nothing, the flow is disgusting and no one can touch it, you minding of me, 'cause I came out the oven I’m hot
Let me cool off
Wipe me down 'cause I’m on
These freak hoes, all week minded, but damn I drink strong
My name all on my chest, yo lady all on my jock
You knowing what happens next
Her face is all on my lap, my song is all in her car
Is that the ice-cream man? I got bars, nigga!

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