I walk to the door, see your lovely face
All the things I wanna do doesn’t want, wanna race, no
Visions of you, on holding me, I can’t wait now
I can feel you kissing me, oh, so softly
Making love baby, I could feel your heart beat

Oh, don’t stop, baby what you do to me?
What you do to me? To to me, baby
Oh, what you do? What you do to me?
To, to me, baby, to to me

Come on baby, I could see it in your eyes
All the love you have inside
Oh baby, oh, what you do to me?
What you do to me? Come on, to to, me, baby

What you do to me? Baby what you do to me?
To to me, baby, do to me

I don’t care what they say I’m gonna love you anyway
Cause boy nobody makes me feel boy I’ve never felt this way
All your touches, all your kisses, boy you know just what I’m missing
I want to say
What you do to me? Tell me what you do? To to me, baby
Come on baby, and tell me what you do?
What you do to me? Oh what you do? To, to me, baby
To to me.

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