The moon is out tonight (it’s bright)

Is everything all right? (not quite)

I wouldn’t act like I know (no) know (no) know (no) know (no) know

Just what you’re going through (no shit)

But if you’re feeling blue (don’t quit)

I want to tell you my brother I feel same way too

A couple red sons popping out a new womb

Twins come twice once in a blue moon

Feeling a like a joke in the nude rude humor

We were born premature, and they said “too soon”

Sing a new tune, act less fickle

Most twins cling like a pair of testicles

We haven’t been tight since we breast fed little

Said, me on the right, and you on the left nipple

Said it’s that simple. have to discover if you act a bit smothered

When you’re trapped with big brother

9 long months kicking it inside our mother

Never kicked her belly, hell we only kicked each other

If we suffer I’ll be sentimental when we grow

Get born, ready go, got a separate embryo

Breaking like a levy though, wading through the heavy flow

When you see light let me know, bro

There were weeks you can bet I couldn’t eat

Lookin' at the cooking with a set of wooden teeth

Opened up my big mouth, found that I could speak

So put another foot in it but now I couldn’t leave

It’s good to see all the losers taking days

To think of dumping shit on you in new creative ways

You can say that it’s a phase

Or some rude complaining crap

It’s a stupid way to act, man

But two can play at that

I been a brat, had more than one slip

My lips got unzipped, I quipped some dumb shit

Our folks were so sick, it made them cringe

I followed my jaw’s lead, and came unhinged

I’m sorry, can the shit end here?

We haven’t really talked in about ten years

And that’s ten too many 'cause if you were anyone else

I wouldn’t see you in myself

Aching in the chest, try to take it from the stress

Shrink made me quit, I was making him depressed

Usually I’m upbeat, tearing through the halls

But instead of bouncing off 'em I was staring at the walls

Care to make the call which separates faster

A fence of placenta, an inch made of plaster

A handful of strands of our DNA

Either we both were alone or it seemed that way

Kept to myself, I’d reflect by myself

Dude, I left and I fucking saw shrek by myself

It’s no help to assume we’re less than

To mom it’s yes ma’am, I groom you’ll best man

It’s on the next fam to plan and proceed

But if we smoke weed, don’t think we OD’d

No I don’t know, all the shit you’ve been through

But I’ve seen a window, and I know I’ve been too

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