Lights off
Ain’t nobody watchin' me
I heard about the man in the sky
But he prolly fell asleep
And you say Audemars
Audemars, Audemars
But still don’t know the time
That Son comes down from the stars

They say that time waits for no man
Nah, they probly lyin'
Cause time waits on me like a servant all of the time
But I know some people who actually servin' time
Committed to this grind or just committed some crimes
Sometimes I wish I had some more time to think
And all the time in the world is all the time I need
And I know eternity’s calling
But my mind too busy racing to pay any mind
Spent a whole lot of money on a watch
Ironic 'cause I got it, but I hardly sit and watch the time tick by
I spend time tryna buy it to own time
I never thought that I was only wasting my own time
Who holds time?
They say he’ll be coming in no time
Pray I pay attention 'cause I’m giving him no time
When the lights off, is anybody watching me?
Heard the man above never slumber, never sleep

On the corners in the alleys
I see conans and cowards
Scared to question their existence
Like ain’t no final hour
Can we blame the sins of a reverend for all our irreverence
Does my time spent on earth qualify me for heaven
Did we tick him off by wastin' all of these ticks on this clock
Or is he graciously givin' me time to give him my heart
I’m sure it’s the latter, sure that it matters
And I believe I’ve been given all this time
So I can try and redeem it
Or make the most of this stop watch that I’m racin'
You stop and watch you ain’t racing'
You erasing yo minutes
You can’t replace 'em
At the end of yo days
When eternity’s in yo face
You had one life to offer up in his service or lay to waste
So my Rollie’s tellin' me to roll out
Make investments with my time while I’m tryna hold out
And fame, money, success be competing for my investments
But I can’t take 'em with me when it’s time for me to exit
Turn the

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