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Hey Logic, hey
How is it giong it’s Marty Randolph
I, erm, just got a couple things I wanna talk to you about
Erm just give me a call when you can all right (?)
So give me a call back all right
Hey Logic huuuu haven’t, haven’t had a chance to hear back from you just yet
So it’s Marty Randolph over here in Sellout Records and I just erm
Wanna talk to you about a couple things
Just gimme a call back.
All right Logic this is bullshit
You’re gonna sign with us,
You’re gonna stop it,
You’re gonna stop just come on
Just come on Oh my God!
Hey Logic!
Sorry about that uh, that last voice mail right
I have no idea what got in me I just, sorry about that

Hey Logic, how you doing it’s Marty Randolph
Just calling you to this
And I really wanna set up a meeting with you
I know we got up and around good
I just got some great things that I wanna propose to you
And if you don’t like anything at all whatsoever
You can completely walk away possibly
Just sign, just please, just sign they’re gonna kill me
Logic just sign, just, just sign that’s all
I need this, I need this!
Sign Logic
Logic it’s Marty come on man
It’s Marty man please!
I need you to do this they’re gonna kill me
They’re gonna kill me
Just sellout!
Just please man it’s Marty Randolph sellout man please!
I live with a devil wife and a devil kid Illuminati
Come on you know what I meen, just, just sign please!
Just sign

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