If I should die for our way
I pray the streets my world to take
Divide throughout the unfortunate
Give my jewelery to the most respected
My car to the one that’s giving my guns to the gunners
You know what I’m saying

Cocaine thoughts, fish scale visions
Pray the Lord forgive a nigga, streets is my religion
Amen (amen), amen (amen)
Can I hear hood niggas scream amen
This my testimony, testimony
My testimony, testimony
This my testimony, testimony
My testimony, testimony
Amen (amen), amen (amen)
Can I hear hood niggas scream amen

See I’m a different type of nigga, I’m on that different shit
Every day I wake up, I want a different bitch
I don’t want the whip plain, I want the kit on it
Talking rims so big, they can feed on it
I just bought a different watch, and another chain
Fuck around and call my bitch another name
Got confession to make, you hoes look the same
And I’m so full of that liquor, it oughta be a shame
Say the rap game changed, alot of niggas stressin'
But between me and you, nigga that’s a blessin'
Fake niggas come up, real niggas suffer
Record labels fuckin' niggas, that’s why I don’t trust 'em
This my testimony (my testimony), I made it true to see
Hope the Lord forgive a nigga, streets is my religion
Now I can get a amen, or can you bless a nigga with a thousand eight grams

Man I’m in my hood, slangin' that white
Shirt on right, no? on sight
Hundred I shoot, hundred I hit,
Five hundred? nigga this my life
Yo Gotti don’t shit round me but my money get high
If it’s crap in the room, and it ain’t a real goon
Then you know soon that it ain’t my guy
Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen five
Anything else, way too high
Gucci, Louis that’s all I buy
Way to high, need to come down
Need a…
Don’t know me, don’t know you
…My hood, so don’t come around.
I’mma tell you like a nigger told me
…Might be OG
That being said, that being told
That’s the first nigger in front of me, a whole key
…Put it in my hand, 'cause he know I wanna plan
…He had to shoot me
My testimony, my testimony, my testimony!
My testimony, my testimony, my testimony!

Yeah, I hear… inside the kitchen saying
…Why took 'em bitches
…Full of money… but I kept the chopper
…Cha cha ain’t no stopping me!
Acting crazy, yes I am, nobody need to pray for me
? I know they got a place for me
You know how these game goes
This? and they don’t need to take my crown

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