You blow my mind, with the things you do to me
Girlie I can’t resist your luscious lips caressing my body

How do you keep not from fallin'
Fallin' in love, with a girl that can do you
The way you like to be done

You blow my mind with the things you do to me girlie I can’t resist your
Luscious lips caressing my body

Takin' my time with you girl
Never know when we’ll do this again
Takin' my time with you girl,
Touchin your love stokin you from within (hook)

I hear your voice callin
(Baby please pick up the phone)
But I don’t wanna answer
I got too many women
So I’m tellin' you not to fall in love with me

Repeat hook 3x

The time is right for you to be
Close to me
They say good things come to those
Who wait I need to hold you in my arms