Ah, let’s go
We gonna mix up the place
And tear it up inside
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Righ about now it’s the mic wrecker
2 beat 2 rhyme
2 time checker
2 times darker to blow the speaker
2 dangerous to bring the creeper
Rollin' with the mic provider
I’m the real rhythm rider
Damage from infiltration
Take a break, I’ll see you later

When I’m on the mic best realize
As I exercise my vocal surprise
Bored you’ll never get with the bass inject
To make your body sweat, I got the rep
As the lyrical master
Banging straight out of your
Stereo blaster,
Faster and faster,
We stick with the pace
Ravers watch out
Don’t screw up ya face
And take a break now

Slow down for one more time, yeah

All right, everybody, see ya in a minute

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