Look away, look away
It’s a lovely day today in the USA
Like a great big strawberry shortcake
Or a turkey on Thanksgiving Day;
Like the Fourth of July or apple pie
It’s strictly USA.
Like a hot dog covered with mustard
Or an amateur hometown play;
Like a circus parade, or lemonade
It’s strictly USA.
Go to a picnic, go to clambake
Go to a barn dance, or county fair;
You’ll see the happy residents
Raising kids to be the future presidents!
Take a man like Abraham Lincoln,
Take a state like I-O-Way;
Take a sugar-cured ham, a candied yam,
Or take your favorite Uncle Sam
And shout a big hooray, it’s strictly USA.
You never can know a country 'til you know the folks,
See 'em in their native locales;
If you wanna see young acorns growing into oaks,
You gotta see the fellas and gals;
As as the sweetest extra-special bunch of merchandise
The all-American Gal wins the prize!
The All-American man is a hunk of man,
He’s a handy man in a pinch;
And maybe he can’t make love like a Latin can,
Still he’s quite a guy in a clinch;
The All-American fella wears a coat of high finance-
But the All-American Girl wears the pants!
Like the bell on the little red schoolhouse,
Or a vote on election day;
Like a brass spittoon, or Daniel Boone
It’s strictly USA.
Back East it’s “Hey, Bud”, Down South it’s “hi y’all”
Cowboys say “Howdy”, 'Injuns' say “How”;
No matter where you’re meetin' folks
It’s the real American way of greetin' folks;
Take a gal like Lydia Pinkham,
Take an oyster from Chesapeake Bay;
Take our ice cream cones, or Casey Jones
Take Mr. Tambo and Mr. Bones;
They’re really here to stay-
Cause it’s strictly USA!