The man laid his hat on the table
Hung his coat up on the wall
Sat down to dinner
Said as soon as I am able
I’ll say something nice to you all

Then he took a deck from his pocket
Spread 'em so I saw 'em all
Then he turned his back to me shuffled 'em and drew me
The card that said I never would fall

Oh mary lou won’t you tell me what to do
I got a dollar on the corner and a razor in my shoe
If I don’t get an answer
Gonna split myself in two

He spun till a ton was glistening
Turned to me and gave me a smile
He said I’m leaving now
But I want what you owe me
I’ll be back in a little while

That was the last time I saw him
Hope I never see him again
I know it sounds funny
But I owe him some money
And I really don’t want him for a friend

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