(Feat. tony yayo and lloyd banks)

(Hook: 50 cent)
South… siiiiiiiiiiiiide
South… siiiiiiiiiiide
South… siiiiiiiiide
50 cent talkin' over hook:
Yeah you know I’m know I’m neva gon change
You know, if I was tryna change I probably coulda changed, I’m fucked up man, dats were I’m from nigga

(Verse 1: 50 cent)
Look at you you lil dirty ass nigga you ain’t shit
I’m glad you here it or you jus in time to get the bricks
Run to da store, get some quaker oats 'n' some o.e
Tell how pi gets for me he let you owe him he know me (yeeea)
That’s they used to talk to a nigga growin' up
That’s why I give 'em ma ass 2 kiss blowin' up (fuck y’all)
Took ma biggest lost at 8, u know wen mommy died
I ain’t even know wat was goin' on I didn’t even fucken cry
Man true sellin blow them bonivilles turn to bm’z (whhhhhoo)
Some niggas want to b mike but me I want to be him (man lookin' good man)
4 finger rang rope chain 'n' medallion (dam)
Real bomb bitch wita ass lika stallion (whoo)
It’s a dream it’s a dream it’s all a dream (yeeea)
I get some coke get some pistols 'n' build a team
I’ma b betta than cat yeah betta than preme
Ima b the last man standin you know wat I mean?

(Hook: 50 cent)
South siiiiiiiiiide [x8]
(50 cent talkin' over hook)
Look at this nigga son!
This nigga irv… got on a preme team shirt!
And he frm hollis hahahaha (sinister laughter)
Hollis niggas don’t even like south side niggas
Nigga we all under water we don’t mix
What the fuck is the matta wit chu!

Tony yayo (yeah… one more time… listen man)
Tony yayo (50 ad libs):
I shoot up ya house and burn up ya crib
And wen the fire man come I shoot down wit da cig (bbbblaaattt)
Ebony and ivory da beam on tha llama
Wen it comes to da bricks I cook betta dan ya momma (I ain’t lyin')
Ain’t that ya baby moma? I see her wit da lil oozie (ya)
I’m in da piece she wipe me down like I’m lil boosie (wipe me down)
Ima a lil woozy I’m higher than heaven
I got that haze mixed wit ak 47
I need that beckham money
I need dat o da money
So if you checkin' 4 me, nigga show da money.
50 cent: u mean that bigg money… not that lil money… that’s ma nigga yay I know he kill for me
(South siiiiiiiiiiide [x8])
(50 talkin' ova hook)
Niggas make me sick man… sick to ma stomach man…!
Every time a nigga get outta line… I put 'em right back in line man!
Niggas think jimmy iovine ma boss… nigga fuck jimmy iovine nigga!
I’m frm 134 street nigga
I ain’t got no muthafuckin boss!

Lloyd banks:
We went frm runnin' down sneakers to runnin' da state
I can’t die… I got to much money 2 make
U got plans then you know were I’m comin' frm ma stomach numb
I got 99 problems you want 'em son?
99 enemies don’t b the hundrendth one
Ill become a corpse before I become a bum
Life sure feels good under the summer sun
In here you got 2 options get a gun or run
Ma first car was a spaceship no hooptie
Champ hoody 'n' boots no gucci
Yayo introduced me fifth scooped me
Da floor couped me
Now you gotta shoot me

50 talkin:
I bees da boss of dis shit rite here
I said da boss nigga
U hear me… da b.o.s.s m.a.n and nigga what!
Thow sumthin
I’m da george bush of dis shit… I’m not goin' 2 war. but I send niggas to war hahaha[sinister laughter]
And I will sit here 'n' veto every muthafuckin act that comes through here
U know… I’m thinkin' you know wat I’m sayin' we went frm 50 cent to fiddy to curtis to ferrieri f-50 you know I got a few aliases you know wat I’m sayin'
I’m thinkin' next… ill b sam… u know uncle sam hahaaha [sinister laughter]
Ima tax everyone of these muthafuckas
To come through here… now the music… we need a lil piece of that
Everything that comes through… u understand wat I’m sayin'?
Its da unit!

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