She’s a snooty little cutie
She’s a burgulous skirt
She’s a knockout and a beauty
And a flirt

Such a dapper little flapper
She’s just as cute as a trick
She’s a kissie little missie, a shameless jane,
She’s slick, do do ro ro

She’s a classy little lassie
A keen little queen
And although sometimes she’s sassy
And mean

Just a fiend for romance is she
Squirrley little girly, see
She’s a knockout, a beauty, snooty little cutie
Snooty little cutie, she

You’re a mellow little fellow
You’re a coy little boy
You’re a knockout and a beauty
You’re a joy

You’re a ready little steady
You’ve swept this girl off her feet
You’re a kissy little missy
You’re a vain little dame, but you’re sweet

You’re a handy little dandy
You’re a keen little queen
And although sometimes I’m bossy
You’re never mean

I’m a fiend for romance with you
Mellow little fellow, you’re mine
You’re a knockout and a beauty and a snooty little cutie
Snooty little cutie mine

Yes, she’s a classy little lassie
A keen little queen
And though sometimes she’s sassy
She’s never mean

I’m a fool for romance it’s true
Moonlight and kisses and you (that’s for me)
She’s a beauty, that snootie little cutie
Snootie little cutie, she

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