Don’t worry about the damage done
Just let those words roll off your tongue
Even if you’re lyin'

If you really don’t mean it, I don’t care
If you need a little buzz to get you there
Then baby I’m buyin'

Well couldn’t you
Say you do
Say you might
For tonight
Have a heart
Bend the truth
Even if you don’t
Couldn’t you

Mess me up
Get in my head
Steal my t-shirt
Wreck my bed
All night long
Like you used to
Even if you don’t
Couldn’t you
Say you do?

Yeah baby, I’m begging you to lead me on
Say it feels good to be back in my arms
And then don’t call me

I don’t mind a little smoke gettin' in my eyes
Baby, take your hands, take your lies
And lay 'em on me

Well don’t worry about the damage done,
Just let those words roll of your tongue
Even if you’re lyin'

Say you do
Just say you do