Well, thank you, Mr. Jitters
Thank you, Mr. Jitters
The official soviet newspaper said, the temple members have protested the mindless arms waste from the filthy war in Vietnam. And were persecuted and finally forced to seek refuge in another country. Wow. Sounds like a ballad to me, oh man
Bankok, Thailand, they’ve launched an air-sea search for a fishing boat carrying some foreign Vietnamese refugees, the boat was towed back out to sea for a ride in Thailand. Sources said that it was because of a breakdown in communication. Oh lord, the boat was towed into Thai waters by a German freighter and the Thai navy are unaware that the refugees have been guaranteed a resettlement and worst the only took the boat out to sea after providing all passengers with provision
Hey, that’s deep man

The Chinese newspapers have made the first reference to the country’s curtain wall posted campaign according to vice premiar deng xiaoping. And said that the country’s stable and its leaders are confident and planning modernisation and programs., oh this should get me in the village bar
Deng gave blessing to the campaig but he commented not all the opinionsof the masses are carefully thought out nor can we demand that they all be correct. Adding this is nothing terrible. It' bad enough, but it’s not terrible
From a prison, Richard Nixon, on his second trip outside the United States, sent his resignation with a smiling hand shake politician again. Greedy crowds outside his hotel, and trying a little French
They sure as hell didn’t try it on Pam Nixon, Mr. Nixon is in Paris and inside this suite to be interviewed on French television. They thought of going on to deliver a speech in England, he’ll participate in the French colleague program and said he will answer questions in welsh

That’s pretty big Mr. M. Ah, I’m so cynical, I could just keep on doing this forever because, you know, they ain’t gonna be lookin' for my golden bunions in a hundred years from now. They’re gonna be sellin' my socks like judy garland. And I hope that they get a good price. I mean, with the inflation and the price of rice. Man, I shouldn’t worry, I own all my songs and I wrote them myself too
I got 24 children, 14 wives, 3 mistresses, 59 accountants, 105 lawyers, 2000.000 fans, a posted system that never fails to land me in jail. And look through my mail. Perhaps have a garage sale. And you know, go save the whale, and a… you know, get a boat and go for a sail, and, and, oh, oh, oh, oh, how do you get out of this hell? Stuck inside of a lexicon with the roger thesaurus blues again
Sometimes I wish I was just George Harrison, you know all the answers, oh my god, oh my god