Ahh, ahh
Ahh, ha, ahh

I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball
Oh I had a million dollars but I’d, I’d spent it all
If I could find that Heina, and that Sancho that she’s found
Well I’d pop a cap in Sancho, and I’d slap her down

What I really wanna know, ah, baby, mmm
What I really wanna say, I can’t define
Well, it’s love, that I need, oh!

My soul will have to
Wait till I get back, find a Heina of my own
Daddy’s gonna love one and all
I feel the break, feel the break, feel the break
And I gotta live it up, oh yeah, huh, well I swear that I

What I really wanna know, my baby, mmm-hmm
What I really wanna say, I can’t define
Back, love, make it go
My soul will have to

Ooh, what I really wanna say, my baby
What I really wanna say, is I’ve got mine
And I’ll make it, yes I’m coming up
Tell Sanchito, that if he knows what is good for him, he best go run and hide
Daddy’s got a new forty-five
And I won’t think twice to stick that barrel straight down Sancho’s throat
Believe me when I say that I got something for his punk ass

What I really wanna know, my baby
Ooh, what I really wanna say is there’s just one
Way back, and I’ll make it, yeah
My soul will have to wait
Yeah, yeah, yeah