Roll with the punches is what I tell
To people when things don’t go to well

When you go for the gold and come back empty
When the ups are few and the downs are plenty

When you talk with the girl that you always desired
You busted a move but the move backfired
When life puts you in the little crunches
Don’t give up
You’ve got to roll with the PUNCHES!

Roll it baby!

No matter what occupation
Any times good time for vacation
Everyday’s the same you can’t believe the monotony
So when the weekend comes it’s like you had a lobotomy

You can’t do a thing without the boss start yellin'
It wouldn’t be bad if his breath wasn’t smellin'

A good days work for a good days pay
But that’s before uncle sam takes a portion away

Now alot of times you feel just like quitin'
But without a job your home alone sittin'

Checkin' the want ads for jobs to fill
Watchin soaps, Geraldo and Oprah, and Phil

My advice is to roll with it honey
And soon you’ll find that you’ll be in the money
Expense accounts and three martini lunches
And that’s what you get when you
Roll with the Punches

Roll it baby-

You got to roll with the punches-

Roll with it

Roll it baby-

Take your chance for a dollar
If I win then I’ll scream and holla
High on the hog is the way to be
And its def livinin in the lap of luxury

I picked 4 numbers they were all ok
For the 5th and 6th I used my birthday
But I erased my birthday and said better yet
I’ll use the birthday of a girlie that I just met.

I filled out the ticket gave it a kiss for luck
Handed it to the agent
With a brand new buck

Went home to watch TV on a Saturday night
4 numbers came up and they were all right

Now what happened next, nearly made me drop dead
It wasn’t her birthday it was mine instead
I said next time I’ll just play my hunches
But what the heck, I’ll just roll with the punches

Roll with it…

You got to go with the flow

Like this…

Let me tell you about em
Can’t live with them
Can’t live without em
The ones you like only seem to hate you
The ones you hate only seem to date you

Girls will often tell you
You come on too strong
You got to take it slow to make the love last long
But I say
The early bird cathces the worm
The late bird gets the gilrie with the two dollar perm

Man, that put me in dilema
Case in point a fly girl name Gema
I met this lady at a quiet place
About 5 years ago we were face to face

I stepped up to her
Tossed the first line
Like fishin' I was wishin'
That the girl would be mine

I told my best jokes and she started smilin'
A voice inside said yo young your stylin'

But then Gema really startin actin' silly
'Cause she broke up with her boyfriend Billie
She wanted advice and she was coming to me

I said you need dear Abby not the young MC
Because I don’t mind being a shoulder to cry on
But I need one who needs a body to lie on

'Cause nowadays I got girls by the bunches
See I got smart and just rolled with the punches!

Roll it baby

You got to go with the flow

Roll it baby

Nowadays I got girls by the bunches
I got smart and just rolled with the punches!

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