I heard the horn sound out the call
Air began to shake
Because it’s hunting time again
Senses start to wake
So you get up on your feet
And you gather into packs
And then the packs become a horde
Then we all begin to laugh
Take my hand now — let’s go
Find that place now — let’s go
Let’s make haste now — let’s go
Because it’s taking shape — new man come along
Instinct overtake
Singing as we go
War machine inside
Push me further still
So you get up on your feet
And you gather into hordes
Eliminate the obstacle
Start to make your way
Then the clouds begin to move
And my heart begins to pull
Because the lady’s taking hold again
I saw her taking shape
Where the old will always die
When winter comes along
And man shall fear the storm again
All begin to move
New man come along — go

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