(Come on, it’s a beautiful night for a walk on the beach, wouldn’t you say?)
(Yes, I will say that, I will say that)

“Let me start off with a basket of chips
Then move on to the pollo asado taco
I would like two pollo asado tacos with one beef chimichangas
On the chimichanga, I would like a side of sour cream
I would like tomatoes and onions on my quesodilla
For dessert I would like the sopapillas
I would like extra cinnamon on my sopapillas
Do you make guacamole?”

Yes, I make, I do make guacamole

“Uh, I would like a side of guacamole on my Tostitos
I like to, I like to dip the Tostitos in the guacamole
Can I get a basket — I told you about a basket of chips
I would like a large iced tea, uh two, two, um two large iced teas”

OK, OK, that’ll be uh $16.07
Outta $20?
OK, $16.07's your change
Hi, can I help you?

“I would like a basket of chips
A beef chimichanga with a side of sour cream
I would like some guacamole on my chimichanga
With a quesadilla, tomato, onion, and vegetables
I should like a burrito with beef, beans
And I would like a carne asada taco
Could you put some hot sauce on that for me?
No, no, i-inside the taco, not on the side
Yes, can I have a carne asada taco?
Not a pollo asado”

We, we don’t have chicken
We don’t have chicken

“Do you have guacamole?
Can you, can you make me some guacamole?”

I have guacamole

“OK, on my burrito I would like a Muchaco beef and the shredded pork
And, and some more cheese, please”

Oh OK, that’ll be $22, uh

“Oh yes, yes, I would like two lemonades and one medium iced tea”

OK, that’ll be $20.07
Outta $22? OK, uh $1.52's your change
Thanks a lot, your food’ll be right up, here uh, lemme get your drinks
Hi, can I help you?

“Yes, yes I would like a basket of chips
I would like a beef chimi
Uh, what is, what is, uh what is uh, what is the pollo asado?”

Uh, that’s the chicken

“OK, what is the carne asada?”

Uh, that’s the beef

“OK, lemme get two carne asada tacos, with extra chick, with extra pollo, please”

You dick face mother fucker, hahaha
Alright, next, hahaha

“You son of a bitch”