Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Took a bus straight to Baltimore, on the way he took a nap
Dropped off a note that said I’m giving this note back
P.S. there’s a lot going on underneath
There’s roots, there’s pipes and there’s drainage leaks, oh yeah
You’re on, you’re wrong
Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Truly sorry, I see clearly
Calmly crashing, I pace faster than anyone
Hinges rusting, they swing louder than anything
Truly lonely, this place is flatter than it seems

I’m upset and I leave the door open wide
Our hearts are used up, cracked, and dry
Pulled the scabs off of regrets
We haven’t learned to eat our conscience yet

Truly sorry, I see clearly
Hardly hoping, I spend it all on game machines
Calmly crashing, I pace and I figure it out again
One hand clapping, awake but napping

Rows of lights to illuminate lines
Why don’t they turn them off and let us see night
Drove crazed, grooming my lies
You can’t look in on one-way eyes

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio