Ah yeah

Verse 1: Here I sit by my window
Thinking 'bout all the things I’ve been through
There were times when I never
Thought I would get to where I got to
Had some angels to guide me
Some who just violated my love
Now this is my chance to say
Ain’t got nothing but love

For my family that raised me (shout out, shout out)
And my teachers that done praised me (shout out, shout out)
To anyone who tried to hate on me (shout out, shout out)
Even the ones tried to break me
Even the ones who tried to take me down

Hook: There’s been haters since this world’s been going 'round
(Nothing but love)
Why’d they take a dream to try to crush 'em down
(Nothing but love, nothing but love)
I ain’t even trynna hold on to that now
(Nothing but love, nothing but love)
Ain’t got nothing but nothing but love for ya
(Nothing but love, nothing but love)

Verse 2: I could hold on to pain
But that ain’t what my life’s about
I ain’t blaming nobody
If I ain’t got my stuff worked out
I got a lot for myself
Ain’t gonna regret anything I’ve done
I just wanna sing my song, ain’t got nothing but love

For all the players on the street (shout out, shout out)
For all my ghettos doing your thing (keep on, keep strong)
To all my exes that done wrong me, stepped on me
Can’t hold me down

Bridge: To the givers and the takers
To my crew from way back when
To the goers in the stands
And the ones that I ain’t met
For myself for sticking with me
For the ones I’m missing up above
Anyone who’s ever been a part of me
Ain’t got nothing but love (nothing but, nothing but)
I got nothing but love

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