They want me to sell my soul, no way, no way
They ask how I’m livin' tho, I said, I’m aye-okey
Gimme sumethin' I can rap to, wit a 808
I’m like a kid who ain’t got no hands, I play no games
No way, no wa — no way, no way
Y’all niggas all sound the same, look alike
I swear to God, I hit yo face
I got the juice, Jos? , Jos?
This my life, y’all treat the shit like a hobby
Like a old bitch doin' crochet
A lot of fish in the sea, they ain’t found me, I’m feelin' like Nemo
When I’m drunk, I’m Arizona’s jackass, got me feelin' like Steve-O
Now tell me where’s my VEVO?
I’m recordin' and they watchin' me, through the TV, that’s Teve-O
Tim Tebow, take a knee, ya can’t compete
Yo bitch finna take the D
Make the team, I produced like I made the beat
Y’all got a whole new race, boy ya fakanese
Ain’t nothin' fake in me, ya might as well have implants

Yo songs on the playlist errybody skip, like gym class, oh God
No way no way no way no way no way no way no way
No way no way no way no way no way no way no way

Do I take days off? No way, no way
Miss me wit the bullshit, ole, ole
Flow so hot, I might burn ya, no shade, no shade
No stylist, I look clean, by my God damn self, no may, no may
I’m tellin' ya I got it, anybody, diggin' different
Gonna get it, Futuristic be that nigga, killin' erry single city
Grabbin' tittiez, even if they itty-bitty, leavin' niggas shittty
Drinkin', think I need another kidney
If ya wit me say hell yeah
Say okay, I’m out, yeah, is ya no way?
Okay, niggas get in it like lomein
Ya know that I’m spittin' that propane
I been a cold nigga, since fourth grade
Four niggas talkin', they four grades
I’m tryin' to be twice as big as Tity Boy, I need 4 Chainz
Takin' ya niggas to school
I swear, I’m a freshman, like I’m fourteen
She want me to go down on her, no way, no way
I’m gettin' head on the tour bus
She on her knees, but she don’t pray
They say I’m a dog, so ya know I’m gon' stray
Wit the white girl sayin' dope lines, I dropped cocaine, do ya?

No way no way no way no way no way no way no way

No way no way no way no way no way no way no way

No way, no fuckin' way, no way, no way
They ask how I’m livin' now, I said, I’m a-okay, but I’m not okay

No way, no way, no way, no way
I moved to LA, errythin' gon' be great
She don’t want me to stay, but I’m doin' my thang
How much more can I take? So much shit on my plate
And ya in my way, my way, yo, we should talk about this
I don’t talk about shit, I just rap about it
When a song comes on, they all ask about it
I tell them it’s a story, it ain’t really 'bout me, I made it up
Influenced by love, influenced by drugs, influenced by Drake
Things can neva eva go back to how they was
The show great, but it ends there, I got fans, no friends there
A bunch of boys think they runnin' the game, but we been here
The dynamic wit my family’s always been weird
I don’t like to be home, I’m likin' the road, fuck, I’m ramblin' now
This money I’m makin', I wish I could save it
But wanna be famous, I’m handin' it out, do ya want sume!
No fuckin' way
I worked hard fo' this shit and my thoughts would have quit
But I can’t, no way
No way no way no way no way
No way no way no way no way

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