Oh, fare thee well, my own true love, fare thee well but for a while
The ship is waiting and the wind blows high
And I am bound away for the sea, Mary Ann.

(I am bound away for the sea, Mary Ann)

Ten thousand miles away from home, ten thousand miles or more
The sea may freeze and the earth may burn
If I never no more return to you, Mary Ann.

(If I never no more return to you, Mary Ann.)

Oh, don’t you see that crow fly high, she’ll surely turn to white
If never I prove false to you
Let the day turn to night, my dear, Mary Ann.

(Day will turn to night, my dear, Mary Ann)

If I had a flask of gin and sugar here for two
And a great big bowl for to mix it in
I’d pour a drink for you, my dear, Mary Ann
Yes, I’d pour a drink for, you my dear, Mary Ann.