You’re losing a friend
You got it all wrong
It’s not about revenge
But you’re losing a friend

I didn’t see it coming
With my head stuck in the sand
But now I’m losing a friend

And it’s keeping me up
It’s the ribbons I tied
I would rather just die
Go to hell crawl back
Than let you go

You’re losing a friend
You jeopardize me
Bad blood on your hands
And see you’re losing a friend

I’m fickle and I’m vain
And you tricked me over and over again
And now I’m losing you

And it’s killing me
It’s the strings that I tie
I would rather just die
Go to hell and crawl back
Than let it all by

My mistake… to lose you.

Oh no… Oh no…
So this is the end now
I’m losing you
Oh… Look at you
Look what you’re wasting.
You’re losing a friend
Oh no… Oh no…
I’m losing a friend.
Oh oh oh no…