Nordstrom was a simple man
WHo hatches a non-conformist plan to save his ass
Every night he danced alone
And blotted out the monotone that was his past
He packs his bag of mysteries
And leaves the lonely memories where they belong
They came and went do easily
This rising tide identity, sings like a song

Lage nom ai-nom ai
When you know that life is just a game
Lage nom ai-nom ai
He’s the man who gave up his own name

In the roll of cosmic dice
You win one heart and lose it twice, before you know
Love is fine until you taste
This melancholy bouillabaisse called letting go

He moved on up to old bean town
ANd summered on the vineyard sound, to pass the day
Island hopping, crab cay bound
Tending bar he thinks he’s found a better way
Now we’re back where we belong
Without a clue and still without a master plan
Incident or accident
It all depends on if you’re meant to understand

He’s the man who gave up his own name