You can pray and pray for my downfall
But when I rise like the sun and I ain’t
Fuckin' with yaw and imma keep on, (oh), keepin' on (oh)
Keep on (oh) Holdin' on (oh)

I hear’em, whispering in corners speakin' dirty talk
On us bout how we too grown up that we unknowners and
My persona is rock and rollish your nigga told us every word
That you quoted, said I wouldn’t be the one that sewed it but
(Ha) we exploded
I’m that rap nigga that you heard with Tupac, Sole, Lynch and Bo,
Wake up show with King Tech and Sway, Yukmouth, Thicker Than Water,
Gang Related, Eminem, Roger Trout, MC Ren, nigga Spice One and Nem.
Hit’em with a venom sit’em down kill’em when I spit,
When I get a bit of scrilla Tech is giving niggas shit,
Love who love us but the playa hatin' niggas better split
It’ll never be another Teccanina when I quit
You better neal when you hear a nigga that’s real I feel
18 when I bust from the grill because (if you keep it young) your
Song is always sung so street life taught me to keep’em sprung
God sent to kill, lyrical scripts the miracle whipped you
Demons and haterz who tripped, listen I really feel,
My villain T-Will when he spit fuck them plus anybody
They go get and shit.

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

When the storm consumes all the sun and moon falls on you
Sodom and gomorian Gregorian chanting ru pauls extreme case of
Blue balls cause you bane, got fruit all in his veins what I’m saying
Is I will reign murder you all in his name
Bismallah with a fist and a pistol I dismiss the kiss from a
Hiss giver, wrist slitter, male bitch a witch with a twist a
Glitch man abyss swimmer
Trick, I will never slide never fall never fail, never the devil
Side ever called never hell. But I got these mother fuckers praying 4 my
Down fall but orange hair means time 2 clown yaw
Thanks to Jenny I’ll get the message to many the circus is comin' and gunnin'
With plenty, I heard Vell Bakardi got a poster of me burnin' to get his
Earnings concerning not I killed’em but he ain’t learnin
Nigga you couldn’t burn with me acid or in a fiery pit, you couldn’t burn
Me in a volcano where lava is spit, you couldn’t burn me if you damned
Me to hell where Satan sit the only way that you can burn me is with yo
Bitch nigga

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

Why don’t you niggas keep your mouth shut, without us your
Clout sucks you doubt us and get your mouth bust we veterans
And better than you young cheesy cheddermen, bouncin' cross the nation
And you home watchin' Letterman.
I’m the nigga that got’em listenin' I know it’s sickenin' to know I’m the
Nigga that got your girlies cuchie glistenin from listenin' to my shit and
When I get her for christenin' she splits again 'cause I make her spit the
Nitro glycerin
I’m on you, calling me a old Negro
But I don’t know a young nigga that can hold
Me though plus they dough below average and I hold
The glow but they want me to fall so they can say I told you so
But if I’m multi punks would say I just lucked up keep
Talkin' that shit might get you fucked up, you some Jimmy
Rucker Tommy Tucker type of mutha fuckas glamorized you
Specialize in getting' butt fucked
Niggas they think they dope and then gon try check me
I’m here to let your ass know you need to respect me
Cause although you ain’t sayin' shit, you getting' on my nerves imma keep
On keepin' on muh fucka that’s word.

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