I see the girls by the pool
And they are playing it cool
And they are playing it fine but,
I miss the rhythm divine

I miss their elegant touch
It’s all a little too much
You gotta do it in style,
And rhythm…

I see the guys on the street
I see the people they meet and
They are playing it smart
But I’m not buying that part
They are playing it tough
That’s strictly doubious stuff
You gotta do it in style,
And rhythm…

I see the people around
They’re spending dollars and pounds
They think they are so debonair, but
I’m not buying that flair
They got all the right moves
But I’m missing the groove
You gotta do it in style,
And rhythm…

So when you check someone out
And the music is loud
Don’t concentrate on the lips,
Just keep your eyes on the hips
And if there’s plenty of swing
Then sure enough there is zing.
You gotta do it in style,
And rhythm, and rhythm, and rhythm, and rhythm.

You gotta do it in style, and rhythm,
Style and rhythm, do it in style,
Do got to do it in rhythm, do it in rhythm,
Style and rhythm, style and rhythm
Well, you know what I mean
Style, rhythm, oh whole lot of rhythm,
Oh whole lot of rhythm, Oh yeah…

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