Without you standing by my side
Love and good fortune passes me by

And you were my guiding light
It seemed so easy

When we said goodbye

How different would the world be now

If only we had worked it out somehow

What kind of fools are you and I
There would be stars up in the sky
If you were with me now

And I know I may go astray
But who’s to say that we can’t change our mind

My love burns stronger each day
If I’m sure of one thing

One love at a time
How could we throw our love away

When we had so much more than words can say

The darkest clouds would fade away
To bring the light into my day
If you were with me now

If loving you is right
Then turn back the hands of time

I’d do anything to make you mine

There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

I could make you feel my love for you

If you were with me now
If you were with me now
If you were with me now

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