Sittin' here in this chair
Waitin' on you
Ah, baby, to see things my way
But not a word do you say
You won’t even look my way, yeah
Girl, I’m spendin' my dimes
Wastin' my time
Talkin' till I’m black and blue
Uh, can’t you see
I wanna get next to you

Dreams of you when I go sailing by
Whenever your eyes meet mine
You’re so fine
And, girl, you make me feel so insecure
You’re so beautiful and pure
Why must you be unkind
And tell me I’m not your kind
Blowin' my mind
Girl, my, my money is low and I know
That I can’t take you to the fancy places
You might wanna go
Still, I wanna get next to you
I wanna get next to you

Baby, yeah

Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah, yeah

Girl, you can bend me, shape me, make me
Whatever it takes to please you
I’m willing to do
'Cause you’re my dream come true
And I wanna get next to you
Baby, yeah
I wanna get next to you
I wanna make you mine for all of time
(I wanna get next to you)
I promise I’ll never make you blue
I wanna get next to you
So let love begin between me and you
(I wanna get next to you)
Girl, I’m in love with you
(I wanna get next to you)