(I saw you first.) Now wait a minute. (Nobody else is gonna get you)
(I saw you first.) Yes, I meant it. (Nobody else is gonna pet you)
(You smiled at me, that was my lucky break)
(Gave you that double take, except to myself)
Quote (Oh Frankie!) unquote

(You gave advice) I did? (I suddenly found myself in clover)
(I tumbled flat) You sure did. (That was the time that you took over)
(If someone else wants to try this love scene) with me?
What do I tell em, baby? (Just tell them I saw you first)

I’ll try to remember that I saw you first. (Me?) Baby I should have seen you sooner
I saw you first. (Oh gee) think you could ever stand the crooner? (Uh huh)
You smiled at me, that was my lucky break
Gave you that double take
I said to myself (What did you say?) That does it

You gave it this, I was like a clown in clover
And that first kiss, that was the time that you took over
So if my other love affair should go and burst
Remember I saw you first