The great blue sky was moving with his bike
As he flew past the dollhouse cut-outs
All suggesting signs of life

There were voices in the wood
He didn’t know if he had it right
They didn’t know if he would listen
But they were thinking that he might

He could not articulate that kind of doom
There was something in the silence
Like suggestions from the moon
And at night he leaves the light on

Little child, I have come
I will go through the rain and snow if you keep me on your side

Lay your head, do not fear
The gun we’re under
The rolling thunder

Is just one side of the wall

There were countless times
He knew there was more to take
Through the veneer of empty smiles
In between all the hands and shakes

He pulled back the flesh
Behold a human machine
With eyes so cold and vacant
Only statues could believe

He could not get his young mind around the bend
Yet the polish, it would not stick
And the truth will never end
For tonight he leaves the light on

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