I think uncle sam killed Marilyn Monroe
I think there’s a lot of things
Our leaders don’t want us to know like
Why is it so easy to buy crack out on the street
It’s our national shame playing these games
Playing hide and seek

Now what if you an I was a hundred thousandover
On our bank accounts?
And the s and L scandal, tax payers can bail 'em out
And the Anita Hill Hearings, what exactly did that prove
Except that a lot of senators think they’re holier than you

Let’s cover it up, let’s hide it, no one can ever tell
Let’s cover it up, let’s hide it before it starts to smell
Don’t rock the boat, don’t make any waves
Just write a brand new speech
Well here we are two hunderd years old
And we’re still playin' hide and seek

Now the Rodney King case, if that ain’t the livin' proof
Six guys nearly beat 'im to death, and they all flew the coop
And I don’t like those odds of six goin' on one
We’re all playin' hide and seek, and no one’s havin' fun

Our president didn’t go to Vietnam, he went
To harvard to write a speech
Now come on who’s kiddin' who
It’s American hide and seek