It’s only a little pain,
It’ll be gone in a couple o' days,
Or maybe a life or two,
It’s only my poor heart,
Just that little thing you tore apart,
It ain’t no headline news.

But a grown woman
Should’ve known better
Than to treat me like some old lipstick
You use up and throw away,
Hey, hey, hey

I wish I could turn back time,
To when you were just a child,
And teach you a thing or two about love,
It’s okay if you wanna give up,
But there’s a way to leave someone,
And You Don’t Have To Be So Cruel.

'Cause a grown woman
Should’ve known better
Then to treat me like some old dishrag
You use up and throw away
Hey, hey, hey

You’re supposed to treat your lover
At least as good as your neighbor,
So how could you, a grown woman
Not know better.

I ain’t no old lipstick
You use up And throw away,
When you’re ready for another shade
Hey, hey, hey,
You should’ve known better,
'Cause you’re a grown woman.