Missy higgins- greed for your love

Bursting* with blood
My fingertips pulse
You didn’t forget me
At least immediately

So here I’ll hover and feed off your love
Ill listen from the middle instead of above
Will you fill up my wounds with your Styrofoam blood?
Until I forget?

Greed for your love
I bleed through this glove
So why’s it aching when I’m laughin' at the world
Greed for your love

A quote and a question
On a screen suppressed
I know it’s know it’s not right
'Cause it’s a second impression

But I rather id taste my desires of earth
And fill my mind with jewels, for all they’re worth
And discover a diamond decays to a rock
And time doesn’t turn

Cause who are you
Yeah who are you
To tell me what to do
I will unwrap him
Just like a present
And I will discard him
Just when I want to…
Thank you

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