I’ve always said, I could never fall, 'cause I love 'em all
My heart don’t race when they try to call, 'cause I love 'em all
She got me stuttering, what in the world can I do, 'cause I can’t control it
She got me hovering off the ground and I don’t know what to do

God only knows, how much I need you
I could explode, if I can’t breathe you
I won’t grow old, like 5, 4, 3, 2
'Cause you’re the one, I guess I’m done that’s how it goes
Where will I be without you, yeah God only knows

There ain’t a crime I wouldn’t do for you
Let’s make our getaway
These diamonds shine but not as bright as you
I’ll throw them all away
I’m here surrendering, and I give up, throwing up my hands around ya
I can’t remember when, I felt the way I feel for you

Where will I be without you, yeah God only knows…

When you touch me, with your body
And all that I can think of is how we lose our clothes
What’s next?

God only knows (x3)

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