Don’t guess why
Over what you’re doing
Don’t guess why
Over what you’re doing
If I keep loving you
My life would be ruined

I tell you, I’m hip on
Your running round
Good God, hip, lookie here
To your running round
But do you know one thing
I’m gonna put you down

Oh, get it together
Get it together, lookie here
Get it together, get it together

You said that you wanted
A brand new bag
You said you wanted
Lookie here, a brand new bag
Buy you, you were just jiving
You wanted? a drag

You ducked out of school
Before you got it down
You hear me
You ducked out of school
Before you got it down
Now you ain’t hip
You’re the biggest fool in town

Oh, get it together
Get it together, get it together
Get it together

Do the underdog
Get on a log
Do the underdog
Tell me, love

Get it, get it, shotgun
Sock it to em
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Good God, one more time
One more time now
One more time

Now lookie here, Maceo
Let me tell about this little bit
Let me tell about this little bit

You may dance good
You may have fast feet
You may dance good
You may have fast feet
But you ain’t slick
Your business is in the street

Now lookie here, Maceo
Bring it down but I want you to blow
Lemme hear you, uh, get
All right now, come on, oww

Sometime, sometime
Sometime, sometime
Oh, good God, hey, uh
Play it, play it

All right now, all right now
All right now, all right now

Now, horns, play out
That’s right, lookie here now, ha
That’s good now

There’s something
I wanna say right here
Now when I say uh
I want you to hit me one time

Do you hear me, lemme hear you
Do you hear me, do you hear me
Do you hear me

Now when I say uh, one time
You say uh, ready

One time, uh, good God, ha
Now I’m gonna ask for two
Can you give me two
Can I get two, two times
Uh, good God

If you hear any noise
It’s just me and the boys
So everybody be mellow
Somebody might drop their
Horn and things like that
But don’t worry about that

I gotta say it three times
Can I get three fellows
Three times, uh, good God, ha
All right now, all right

Now if I ask for four
Is it possible I could get four
If I can get four
I got to open the door and leave

I can get four, gimme four
Uh, good God
Don’t play so much, uh
Don’t be so mean

Like about that cold sweat
You came out, lookie here
Red, man, what kind of horn you play
A trombone, trombone
Can I get a little taste
Of that trombone
Right about now

Uh, strike it, that’s right
Now tell you what I’m gonna do
Jabone, stretch your nose
Joe, can you play
A little bit over there

Come on, now Pee Wee
I’m not gonna ask you to play, Jack
Cause your horn is too big
Man, you got too much horn over there

Gimme a little extra scope there, Country
So I know you’re playing guitar, yeah

Sinclair, since you’re from
Augusta, Georgia, like I am
Let me hear you play your baritone
You got to have some soul
Right about here, now, right now

All right, all right, get it
Now, fellas, now just, just ease out of it
That’s right, you keep playing, Maceo
Cause the groove is there

Now tell you what I want you to do
Now when I say hit it
I want you to hit it
You hear me, Jabone

But when I say quit it
I want you to quit it
You ready, hit it, hit it
Quit it

Well, it looks like you
Got a bad night tonight
But you gonna be mellow
I know you’re all right
Have another, nah, be cool

All right, you ready
Now hit it, come on
Quit it

Bud got tired and quit on us
All right, you still got the groove
You still got the groove
Bring it up, bring it up, come on
Bring it up, bring it up now
Bring it up

Can you cut the thing down
Fade me on outta here
'Cause I got to leave anyway
Fade it on out, I’m gone

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