If you let me girl, I’ll be good to you
I will keep your tender body next to mine
Why don’t you let me, lady, be good to you
I want to take care of you, darlin', all of your life
And make love to you
If you let me, baby, oh I’ll be good to you, girl
'Cause I’ll love you darlin', you’re out of this world
Please make love with me
My love…

Funk Me
Funk Me, Funk Me
Funk Me

I need us for me to love, Mother Nature taught me love
We don’t really have to freak
You just thrill me when you speak
I can see that you’re a star
And I like the way you are
Funking music lights my fire, shakes my body, sets afire
Since we both have lots of love
Send some loving up above
Don’t give me no alibis
See the love that’s in my eyes
All I know is how much I love you, baby

Oh baby, you know that I love you
Darling, I’d like to love you, right now, right now
Forever more, baby

Watching you over here dancing on the floor
Oh, it makes me want to love you all the more, baby
For when we begin, I know my love for you will never end
Why don’t you give me a chance to prove my romance
I don’t know if I can go on without having you for my own
Ooh Father above, give me this lady to love
So I can love her right now, Father

All of my love for you to share
I’ll take you, baby, anywhere
I want love you right now

Funk me — if you got the desire…
Funk me — if you got the desire…
Funk me — if you got the desire…
Funk me — if you got the desire…

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