You said you didn’t mind if she turned round to sleep
But you were just half being nice, there’s no rewards to reap.
And if she had stayed up, you’d still be here alone.
You’d still have no idea what that means and you’d still fear the phone.

The longest walk was that night in your brand new shoes
But what you can’t find now’s the thing that you can’t lose.

A change of scenery, a change of mind and face.
He used your clothes and hands and then fucked off without a trace.
I see him now and then, but now he just looks bored.
He used to flirt with everyone but prefers to be ignored.

So let me dance tonight and I will be your host
Then maybe you’ll make up your mind which one loves you most.
We’ll even leave the room, so you’ll be free to choose.
Remember what he can’t find now’s the thing that you can’t lose.

Being thoughtful’s just a curse
But a one night stand just makes it worse.