I look at you and go mad
With thoughts of things that I’d do
If one chance I had to show you
What this man really wants to do

When I’m through, you would say
It’s been done never that way
And I know you can learn something new every day

And it feels so good
If you don’t think too much
Don’t even try to be serious
Just let my hands take control
And give me all of your soul

You know I tried
To run away but I can’t hide

From the moment that’s suspended deep inside
When you were mine
Now I need to feel it
One more time

Won’t you try to feel it
Let me try to feel it

Feels so good when you lean into me
In the dark I can see
I can feel in my mind what is reality
Why can’t you see
Things like this are meant to be
Yet somehow once again
You have thrown me aside
But always this feeling survives