Could I be falling for you
Is this a fantasy come true
Is this a dream that I waited for
Am I the one that you adore

Oh-ooh-oh-oh I think I’m falling for you
Oh-ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh what am I supposed to do
Cause you make me feel like I’m falling in love
Am I falling for you

Could it be love tell me boy is it true
I get a rush when I think about you
Lose control of my body and my soul
And when you hold me I don’t wanna let go
You give me reason every reason just to love you babe
Everything that you do is so amazing
I can’t believe what your body makes me wanna do
I’m having visions of me all over you

You must’ve known though I tried to disguise
The way I feel was there fire in my eyes
On that night when our bodies intertwined
Knew right then and there that you would be mine

Everyday you seem to find a way
To make me go crazy
I just can’t understand
But let me tell you one thing
You make me wanna say

Chorus out