I reconize that smile
I wonder it’s oh so cold
You wore your mysterious glow
Just like a child
No careless words were said
We spoke with eyes instead
We looked into each other like long lost friends
Then you went away
And I never heard
You had a summer haunt
You the ice would kill (echo)
But you would not be caught (echo)

We have eyes like twins
Where your last thought ends
My next begins, always
Just one heartbeat away
From everything I mean to say
Oh, Catch me I’m falling like you
Wish for me I’ll come running to save you
Touch me I’m calling for you
Remember me
I will never betray you
We have eyes like twins (echo)

I slept a thousand hours
My heart felt cold as a cowards
(But) You sent a southern breeze
Like a forest fire (echo)
I heard those voices too
I dreamed each dream with you
We breathe as one together and we shed our tears
But then I woke with you
And my dream came true
I’ll never hold you here
I know that every winter
You must disappear… (echo)

I see red when you’re in danger
Knowing the danger
I see blue when you are crying
When you are a stranger
At the pictures you believe
You are no strangers

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