Out in the street
Late, all night long
While the one who love me
Man, she was sitting at home

Oh, I been worried
I was a fool
Paying the bills and running around having fun
I know everybody makes a mistake sometimes

But when I got home, oh
My baby, she was gone
And I found a letter
Right there on the kitchen floor, it read

“I tried to wait for you to come, honey
But like a fool you were running around, doing me wrong.”
I’m sorry, baby
I know everybody makes a mistake sometimes
I know I made one

So if you are running around
With somebody else
Tryin' to satisfy
Man, you can’t satisfy your selfish self

So, man, you gotta take heed
Listen to every word I’m saying
'Cause that same thing might happen to you one day
And you know that everybody
Man, I know that everybody makes a mistake sometimes

I know, because I’ve made mine
I made a great big one, man I made mine
I made a great big one
I can’t do it no more
No I’m never gonna do it
I want you to come back to me baby
And help me if you would
I love you, darling
I love you, baby
Oh honey, I’ll just stay out in the street
I’ll just sit home with you, darling

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