He lost his mind today
He left it out back on the highway
On “65”
She loved him yesterday
Yesterday’s over
I said okay
That’s all right
Time moves on
That’s the way
We live an hope to see the next day
That’s all right
Sometimes these things they are so easy
Sometimes these things they are so cold
Sometimes these things just seem to
Rip you right in two
Oh no man don’t let 'em get ta you
She loved him yesterday
He laid her sister
She said O.K.
An that’s all right
Buried her things today
Way back out deep
Behind the driveway
And that’s all right
Sometimes these women are so easy
Sometimes these women are so cold
Sometimes these women seem to
Rip you right in two
Only if you let 'em get to you
Ya get out on your own
And you/take all that you own
And you/forget about your home
And then you’re/just fuckin' gone
There’s no logic here today
Do as you got to, go your own way
I said that’s right
Time’s short your life’s your own
And in the end
We are just
Dust n' bones

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