(50 Cent -Chorus)
Yeah, yeah yeah,
Pull the strap out you know what that bout,
You do it my way, called a crime wave,
Whoa, way,
Whoa, way,
I wave the heat to heat,
Wave my right to speak,
Plead the fifth y’all
Don’t tell 'em sh-t y’all,
Whoa, wheey,
Whoa, wheey,

I’m not telling you to shoot somebody,
But if somebody try to shoot you,
Shoot 'em don’t waste time,
Lil n-gga just do it,
Any n-gga out of order must be serviced,
See now ya hesitating boy ya making me nervous,
The feds know I clap heat, felonies on my rap sheet,
Front on me, try to run from me,
Hollow seat up your back b,
Pistol pop, drop the top,
Burn baby burn,
Revolvers spin again and again
And n-ggas never learn,
Lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
Got an itchy itchy itchy trigger finger n-gga,
So if you hit me then you get me, I’ll be back to get ya,
Man I might bring the homies… that’s necessary,
See you might not be worried, but I think you should worry,
The bullets come in flurries, the next thing you know you buried,
Yeah, I do away with 9 n-ggas in 9 days,
My nine sprays, wish it don’t go my way,
Hold it sideways,
F-ck around cause a crime wave,

I talk about my arsenal, I rap about my infantry,
Them crackers they be scared of me, the hood man they into me,
Yeah, I’m number 1 on Forbes,
Yeah, they can’t f-ck with ya boy,
Title time is crank time I flip that get that back,
Louie V napsack filled up with g-stacks,
I’m sick in the head, me I’m all 'bout the bread,
Go head f-ck with the kid,
See it’s just what I said,
See the stash I’m making double make a key (?) bubble,
Jim stop before I cut you till your mum don’t no you,
See when we play the warriors come out to play,
Want to play get your ass laid out today,
See I’m back on the sh-t I was on before,
So if a n-gga try to stunt we gon take 'em to war,

Man, I be on some other sh-t these n-ggas can’t f-ck with me,
Yeah, ooohooohooo yeah,
Ooh yeah,
(No no no no)
The homie said he f-ck with me, I have him meet ya up for me,
Yeah yeah,
(No no no no)