I still can remember
The last time I cried
I was holding you and loving you
Knowing it would end

I never felt so good
Yet felt so bad
You’re the one I love
And what makes it sad
Is you don’t belong to me

And I can remember
The last time I lied
I was holding you and telling you
We could still be friends

Tried to let you go
But I can’t, you know
And even though I’m not with you
I need you so
But you don’t belong to me

Comin' in and out of your life
Isn’t easy,
When there are so many nights
I can’t hold you and I’ve told you
These feelings are so hard to find
Comin' in and out of your life
Will never free me
'Cause I don’t need to touch you
To feel you, it’s so real with you

I just can’t get you out of my mind
But I can remember the last time we tried
Each needing more than we could give
And knowing all the time
A stronger love
Just can’t be found
Even though at times this crazy world
Is turning up-side-down
You’ll always belong to me