Tired of living in the black and white?
Where fools can tell you that you’re never right
I know a place where the film’s in colour, just step inside of yourself
Here’s a place in the front row, so on with the show

The same old shadow on the run
Hey, that’s no shadow, it’s your shadow’s son

I know a place where the pools got water
And you don’t need to know how to swim
Here’s the key to the back door
Do you want more? Do you need more?

Same old rhythm to the same old rhyme
The same old clock, same old time

There’s a place where the grass is greener
And you can shake, rattle and roll
Here’s the key to the front door
Do you want more? Will you need more?

Tired of living in the black and white
Where no one’s wrong and you’re never right

Same old steps to the same old dance
Just one more reason, one more chance