In my neighborhood,
When shots go off,
No one bothers.
A POP, and a reply POP, and no reply…

Dinosaurs on the quilt I wore
With a girl.
Such a classic girl…
Such a classic girl…
Such a classic girl,

Gives her man great ideas.
Hears you tell your friends,
Hey man, listen to my great idea!
It’s true I am a villain
When you fall ill,
That’s probably because

Men never can be.
Not like a girl.
A classic girl…
Such a classic girl…

They may say, Those were the days…,
But in a way,
You know for us these are the days.
Yes, for us these are the days,

And you know you’re my girl!
Such a classic girl…
Such a classic girl…

Yeah for us these are the days…

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